Roads and Drainage


Our project versatility includes roadway design, roadway repair and/or expansion. River City also has experience in drainage design, whether it is the design of new drainage systems or repair/expansion of existing drainage systems.




Schoenthal Road & Gardenia Bend Road Improvements


The City of Garden Ridge’s Schoenthal Road & Gardenia Bend Road Improvements project included roadway reconstruction of approximately 1-mile of roadway, the addition of two 24” culverts, replacing an 18” culvert, and the reconstruction of a low water crossing.


Hickory Bend Drainage Improvements


The City of Garden Ridge’s Hickory Bend Drainage Improvements project included the installation of approximately 2000-LF of a concrete lined channel, reshaping of 3.3 acres of a drainage easement, and tree mitigation.


Klein Road


The City of New Braunfels’ Klein Road project consists of reconstructing W. Klein Road from Walnut to FM 1044 with a 3 lane / 5 lane hybrid roadway to address traffic needs for a 20-year design horizon. This project is part of the 2013 CIP Bond Program. River City Engineering was responsible for the preliminary engineering and final design. RCE will provide construction administration services during construction of the project. This project addtionally includes drainage and pedestrian mobility facilities to address safety concerns for the nearby school and growing residential neighborhoods. This project includes the coordination and relocation with local utility companies as well. The project is currently in the design phase with an anticipated bid date in early 2017.



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