Water Treatment


River City Engineering has extensive knowledge in the design of water treatment plants, including micro-filtration membrane technology and conventional filtration plants. River City has experience in the design of new water treatment plants, the expansion of existing water treatment plants, and replacement of treatment units at existing water treatment plants.



Mansfield Dam WTP


The Travis County W.C.I.D. No. 17’s Mansfield Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is a 6 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) micro-filtration membrane treatment plant with a planned future expansion to 12 MGD. River City Engineering performed all planning, permitting, preliminary and final design, and construction administration for this project. RCE also oversaw the pilot testing for the new plant, including the protocol, oversight of the testing, preparing the final report and obtaining TCEQ approval. RCE also obtained TCEQ approval for the new raw water source for the plant. RCE obtained approvals for construction from TCEQ, LCRA, City of Austin, Travis County, and TxDOT.

Construction of the WTP included a flocculator basin, chemical feed facility including bulk chemical storage, 2.0 million gallon clearwell, high service pump station, and a 152 ft x 71 ft membrane building including two under-slab basins, membrane filtration units, laboratory area, offices and administrative areas, and electrical room. A raw water intake and pump station was also constructed as part of the project, and consists of a 180’ deep vertical shaft located on the bank of Lake Travis with a 42” diameter horizontal bore into the Lake. The intake has inlet screens at three different elevations in the Lake. The raw water pump station is located at the top of the vertical shaft with a series of vertical turbine pumps to transfer raw water to the treatment plant site. Raw water is first dosed with a coagulant and flocculated. Flocculated water is then treated through a micro-filtration membrane system, disinfected, then stored in a 1.0 MG clearwell. Treated water is then pumped into the system by the new high service pump station. The Mansfield Water Treatment Plant was designed to reduce volume of backwash water disposed of by treating backwash water from the primary membrane system. The backwash water from the primary membrane system is transferred to a separate flocculation and plate settle basin, then through a separate backwash membrane treatment system to potable water quality.



Wells Ranch Phase 2


The Canyon Regional Water Authority’s Wells Ranch Phase 2 project consists of several projects to complete final build-out of groundwater production and delivery from Canyon Regional Water Authority’s Wells Ranch well field. These projects will result in an increase of groundwater production and delivery from the initial phase 5,200 ac-ft per year (AFY) to the final phase of 13,000 AFY. The Phase 2 projects include expansion of existing well fields, expansion of the existing water treatment plant (WTP) from 5 million gallons per day (MGD) to 11.75 MGD including a new raw water storage tank and clearwell, an elevated storage tank, two (2) booster pump stations expansions, and two (2) transmission main projects, totaling approximately $42,000,000 in construction.


River City Engineering was responsible for the preliminary planning and engineering, Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) SWIFT funding application, permitting, and final design. RCE will provide construction administration services during construction of the projects.  Preliminary planning and engineering included identifying projects necessary for final build-out and providing preliminary site layouts and project cost estimates. RCE also prepared, submitted and assisted in obtaining a TWDB Bond issuance for project funding. RCE obtained approvals from TCEQ and other local, state, and federal agencies for each of the projects.



Eck Lane Water Treatment Plant


The Travis County W.C.I.D No. 17’s Eck Lane Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is a 16 million gallon per day (MGD) micro-filtration membrane treatment plant located on the south shore of Lake Travis. This WTP serves over 30,000 customers in the Lake Travis area. Originally constructed in 1961 as a conventional filtration plant, this facility has undergone several expansions to meet continued growth in the area.


River City Engineering has completed 6 expansion projects at this facility since 2003. The expansion projects include two plant expansions using micro-filtration membranes, the installation of a new clearwell, the rehabilitation of the existing raw water storage tanks and clearwells, high service pump station improvements, and the new administration building.




Lake Dunlap Water Treatment Plant


The Canyon Regional Water Authority’s Lake Dunlap Water Treatment Plant was originally a 2.0-MGD WTP constructed in 1990. River City Engineering was responsible for the design of the WTP expansion to 16.4MGD. This project included ultra-filtration membranes, a new raw water intake structure utilizing micro-tunneling, two 90-ft diameter clarifiers, two 30-ft diameter sludge thickeners, and associated electrical and site work.




Hays-Caldwell Water Treatment Plant


The Canyon Regional Water Authority’s Hays-Caldwell Water Treatment Plant serves customers in Hays & Caldwell county in central Texas. River City Engineering was tasked to design and provide construction administration for this project. The facility had an initial capacity of 2.0-MGD with an ultimate capacity of 6.0-MGD, utilizing micro-filtration membranes. This WTP project included 6 million dollars in funding from the Texas Water Development Board. This project also included approximately 13-miles of 16” and 20” waterlines.



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